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Pope asks for forgiveness

Holy Week in the Western Christian calendar is a time for Christians to confess their sins, ask for forgiveness, and seek to amend their lives. A billion believers will be doing all that in the five days ahead. Some may do it in their churches, some in other places of their choosing, and more in […]

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Christian seders OK by me

Over at Religion Dispatches, Rebecca Cynamon-Murphy — a Christian woman married to a Jewish man — urges her co-religionists to forego the increasingly popular American Christian practice of hosting their own Passover seders. I say why not?

Jonathan Merritt – On Faith & Culture

Omid Safi – What Would Muhammad Do?

Omid Safi – What Would Muhammad Do?

The question we should be asking about Brandeis, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Islam

In rescinding the honorary award for Hirsi Ali, Brandeis did the right thing. Eventually. But perhaps we should be asking another question: how could Brandeis have chosen such a hateful person whose views are easily exposed through a simple Google search in the first place? And would such views be tolerated, and rewarded, had they been made about other ethnic and religious communities?