Need to know: 10/23/2015

'Words create worlds'

Vatican synod’s ‘war of words’ will have real-life consequences

If churchmen pushing for new language on remarried Catholics and gays and lesbians carry the day it could reshape the church’s approach.

Suspect says he just 'snapped'

FBI opens hate crime probe in Indiana attack on Muslim woman

Police say an Indiana University student shouted "white power," anti-black racial slurs and "kill the police" as he throttled her and tried to remove her headscarf.

Power plays overtook prayer

Word of Life Church’s grew from a Bible group to lethal sect

Once a living room prayer group, the leaders of a New York church where a young man was allegedly beaten to death invaded congregants' private lives, say former members.

It's all in how you 'see' it

Do science and religion conflict?

Most say there's a clash of worldviews "in general" but only 30 percent say so when asked if their own beliefs conflict with science.

Doors torched

Seventh church set fire in string of St. Louis arsons

Unlike several of the churches hit by arson, this was not a black church, this was an 1843 Catholic church.

Bonus Tracks

Calling Machiavelli

Rumors about Pope Francis’ health boil over in Italian media

The brain tumor rumor sparks talk of "calumny" and alleged plots to undermine the pontiff.

Blowing in the wind

Hong Kong’s drive for ‘green burials’ clashes with tradition

In a society in which ancestors are tirelessly worshiped, many consider scattering ashes in a garden or at sea as anathema.

A 'knead' for unity

South Africa’s ‘Great Big Challah Bakes’ kick off global Shabbos Project

The goal of events in 560 cities is to encourage religious and secular Jews to observe the day of rest.

Blame your parents

Why Generation Y young professionals are unhappy

 When reality turns out to be worse than expectations, the generation raised to believe they are special feel unhappy.

Think 'magic mushrooms'

Calling all mystics: Clergy psychedelic study aims to awaken spiritual experiences

Twelve subjects will receive psilocybin in living-room-like psychedelic session rooms at two universities.

Cathy Lynn Grossman

Cathy Lynn Grossman

Cathy Lynn Grossman specializes in stories drawn from research and statistics on religion, spirituality and ethics. She also writes frequently on biomedical ethics and end-of-life-issues