COMMENTARY: The real message of Easter

(RNS) In Christianity’s passage through Holy Week and Easter Day, a moment of truth will arrive. Some will get it, and it will be profoundly good news. Others still won’t get it.

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Where was Jesus buried?

Kim Lawton / Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly |

JERUSALEM (RNS) During Holy Week, Christians remember the familiar story of Jesus's death and resurrection. But exactly where does that story take place? The Bible offers only a few clues, and different groups of Christians have their own answers. By Kim Lawton.

What did Jesus do on Holy Saturday?

(RNS) Every Christian knows the story: Jesus was crucified on Good Friday and rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. But what did he do on Saturday? That question has spurred centuries of debate, perplexed theologians as learned as St. Augustine and prodded some Christians to advocate for amending an ancient creed.  By Daniel Burke.