Catholic high school fires teacher who applied for gay marriage license

(RNS) Michael Griffin says that at the suburban Philadelphia Catholic high school where he worked for more than a decade it was no secret that he is gay, but when he told administrators that he was going to marry his partner he was fired. The episode is the latest in a string of similar incidents, and it came just a week after New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan said the church is not “anti-gay” but has been “outmarketed” on the issue of gay marriage.

Catholic chaplains given marching orders barring service to gay couples

(RNS) Catholic military chaplains cannot be forced to witness or bless a same-sex marriage, nor are they allowed to take part in any marriage counseling retreats that are open to gay couples under new rules issued by the Archdiocese for the Military Services. Participation in funerals of gay service members is also off-limits. But Catholic commanders may be able to facilitate same-sex benefits if they publicly register their objections.