COMMENTARY: Being pushy is OK when you’re pushing back

(RNS) “Speaking truth to power” sounds like a noble calling until power pushes back. When big givers say “Jump!” it is the rare leader who says anything other than “How high?” It's time for that to change. What a noble service to America it would be if faith communities led the way. By Tom Ehrich.

COMMENTARY: How did we get off track?

INDIANAPOLIS (RNS) How did we go from building the interstate highway system to not doing anything unless it benefits us? How did the party of Eisenhower degenerate into would-be demagogues defaming anyone who stands between them and power? How did a nation that fought totalitarianism spy on young adults just for questioning Wall Street? By Tom Ehrich.

COMMENTARY: Grandiose claims about God poison the common good

(RNS) When people make grandiose claims about “God's will” and “American values” and demonize others who hold different views, we haven't just channeled a tragic yesterday and its wars and pogroms. We have poisoned the well of community on which our nation depends today and made a mockery of God and faith. By Tom Ehrich. About 700.

Religious groups stand against payday lending practices

(RNS) People of faith are trying to rein in loan practices they believe take advantage of borrowers often least able to pay. They point to people like Amanda of Jefferson City, Mo., who took out a short-term loan—often called a payday advance—to pay a bill. She ended up taking out another loan to cover the […]