Church softball league calls a foul on bisexual pastor

ST. CLAIR, Mo. (RNS) A league of six church softball teams shrank to five when the pastors of three Baptist churches told one of the member churches that their teams would no longer take the field against that church's team because the pastor is bisexual. By Tim Townsend.

Tim Tebow brings a little goodness to Gotham

Kevin Manahan |

NEW YORK (RNS) Tim Tebow is Howdy Doody in a helmet, Opie Taylor running for touchdowns — while reciting Bible verses, stopping to find a lost dog, visiting sick children in a hospital and helping a little old lady across the street, all before he reaches the end zone. By Kevin Manahan.

Christians join fight against cockfighting

Chris Herlinger |

(RNS) Christian leaders are joining with animal rights defenders to advocate against cockfighting, calling the sport antithetical to biblical values. By Chris Herlinger.

Thursday Godbytes: Occult New York City; Holy Punches

Have you ever noticed how many gargoyles there are in New York City? (Probably not, because looking up would make look like a tourist) Does riding the subway make you hear voices? (That’s probably the guy next to you on his cellphone.) Has Grand Central Station ever felt kind of…mystical? (That clock is pretty cool…) […]