COMMENTARY: Change or die

(RNS) Many church leaders continue to believe that reinvention is a optional choice as they control the pace of change and shape its outcomes. Those attitudes are delusional. The reality is: reinvent or die.

COMMENTARY: ISO leaders who can act like grown-ups

(RNS) I just spent a wonderful and encouraging weekend with a church leadership team from Reisterstown, Md. I came away filled with hope for this congregation and with admiration for their clergy and lay leaders. I wish our weak and tiresome political leaders in Washington and state capitals could visit this church in northern Baltimore […]

COMMENTARY: Sorry to burst your bubble

(RNS) The bubble I see bursting is establishment Christianity in America. It is bursting ever-so-slowly, even as millions of people still find life, meaning, safety and structure inside their bubbles. But one failing congregation at a time, the surface of shimmering shape is being breached.