Quote of the Day: Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York

“Look, the same bible that tells us that teaches us well about the virtues of chastity and the virtue of fidelity and marriage also tells us not to judge people. So I would say, ‘Bravo.’”

– Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, in an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” about University of Missouri Football player Michael Sam, who recently came out as gay and is likely headed to the NFL.

Quote of the Day: Pope Francis

“We cannot be resigned to these divisions as if they were merely an inevitable part of the historical experience of the Church. If Christians ignore the call to unity which comes to them from the Lord, they risk ignoring the Lord himself.”

– Pope Francis, addressing leaders from the World Council of Churches

Quote of the Day: The Dalai Lama

“Our mind is central and precedes our deeds. Speak or act with your pure mind, and happiness will follow you like a shadow that never leaves. May there be joy in the world with ample harvest and spiritual wealth.”

– The Dalai Lama, offering the opening prayer at the U.S. Senate on Thursday.

Quote of the Day: Cindy Castano Swannack of Davidson, N.C.

“Jesus is not a vagrant, Jesus is not a helpless person who needs our help. We need someone who is capable of meeting our needs, not someone who is also needy.”

– Cindy Castano Swannack of Davidson, N.C., who doesn’t like a sculpture outside an Episcopal church that depicts Jesus as a homeless person sleeping on a park bench. She was quoted by WCNC in Charlotte.

Quote of the Day: Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore

“America has always sought to be a home for the oppressed around the world. Educating one’s children according to one’s religious convictions is a human right. Sending this family back to Germany is the repudiation of a great American heritage.”

– Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptists’ Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, after the Supreme Court declined to hear the case of a German family seeking U.S. asylum for their faith-based homeschooling.

Quote of the Day: Actor Matthew McConaughey

“First off, I want to thank God, because that’s who I look up to,” he said. “He has graced my life with opportunities that I know are not of my hand or another human hand. He has shown me that it’s a scientific fact that gratitude reciprocates.”

– Actor Matthew McConaughey, accepting his Oscar for best actor for his role in “Dallas Buyer’s Club”

Quote of the Day: Former Pope Benedict XVI

“The only condition for the validity of my resignation is the complete freedom of my decision. Speculations regarding its validity are simply absurd.”

– Pope Benedict XVI, in an interview with La Stampa, one year after he formally resigned from the papacy.

Quote of the Day: The editors of America magazine

“No one should be subject to a criminal penalty simply for being gay. If laws like these do not constitute the “unjust discrimination” against gay people that the church rightly denounces, then what possibly could?”

– The editors of America magazine, a Jesuit publication, denouncing new laws in Nigeria and Uganda that impose stiff penalties against homosexuality.

Quote of the Day: Tea Party activist Julie McCarty

“My preference is a straitlaced Baptist to an everything-goes Methodist.”

– Dallas-area Tea Party activist Julie McCarty, co-founder of the NE Tarrant Tea Party, on why she’s endorsing one judicial candidate over another, based on church affiliation. She was quoted by the Star-Telegram.

Quote of the Day: Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay

“I think we got off the track when we allowed our government to become a secular government. (We) stopped realizing that God created this nation, that he wrote the Constitution, that it’s based on biblical principles.”

– Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, in an interview with San Antonio pastor Matthew Hagee.