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My take-away from the oh-so-genteel Republican debate last night is that we’re headed for a McCain-Huckabee ticket. If the GOP is, as Beltway folks like to say, a three-legged stool, that would give them two of the three (the foreign policy and the religious conservatives), leaving Romney with the third (economic conservatives). I presume that Huckabee would take the VP nod under any circumstances, but McCain’s sweet-tempered question of him (in the candidates-ask-each-other segment) about the impact of the “Fair Tax” on the poor seemed the perfect expression of an alliance in the making, with McCain sending out the signal that he too cares about the least among us. The GOP money guys will never forgive McCain for his unorthodoxy on tax cuts and campaign finance reform, but South Carolina showed that evangelicals don’t hold his 2000 outburst against those “agents of intolerance” against him. With Huckabee out mobilizing the church crowd, he only becomes more formidable.