OK, according to the Florida exit poll, Huckabee got 32 percent of the white born-again/evangelical vote, Romney 31 percent, McCain 26 percent, and Giuliani 6 percent. In a word, Huck did worse among white evangelicals than he’s done in any state thus far; and white evangelicals showed that they are increasingly prepared to vote for Romney. Meanwhile, Huckabee got only 4 percent of the Catholic vote (McCain 38 percent, Romney 28 percent, Giuliani 24 percent), demonstrating even more powerfully than before his inability to break out of the evangelical box. All told, a good day for the Article 6 (no religious test for office) crowd, and a lousy day for Huck. The thin silver lining for him, I suppose, is that McCain continues to struggle with his folks, making the case for giving him the VP nod stronger.