Obama and the Jews

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My colleague Ron Kiener has an excellent analysis on his blog of Obama’s “Jewish problem,” making use of the Florida exit polls. There does seem to be a widespread impression that Obama is soft on support for Israel, fueled in no small part by ugly emails circulating around the Internet. The organized Jewish community clearly denounced these emails two weeks ago. Among the latest to address the anti-Obama campaign is Martin Peretz, editor in chief of the New Republic and as staunch a supporter of Israel as one is likely to find this side of the loony bin. The headline of his piece is “Can Friends of Israel–and Jews–Trust Obama?” and the answer is an unequivocal yes, with the implication that he can be trusted more than a Clinton. My guess is that such efforts to alleviate Jewish suspicions will have some success, but that, come Super Tuesday, Jews will still tip towards Hillary. In New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, and Massachusetts, that could make a difference.