Georgia for Huck

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The following is from my favorite informant on the doings of Christian conservatives in Georgia, a person I refer to as the Last Democrat in her suburban Atlanta church.

I guess you saw last night the big voter turnout for Huckabee in GA – fueled by his non-stop appearances in white evangelical pulpits the last couple of months, appearances with Sonny Perdue, constant promotion by right-wing talk radio blabber Neal Boortz with WSB here in Atlanta with that “fair tax” baloney, etc. He was at a rally this weekend with the “GA Christian Alliance” (changed name after the national Christian Coalition kicked them out a couple of years ago because the GA bunch was too over the top for even them!) and that ding-bat Sadie Fields (an old Ralph Reed protégé who took over in GA after he came out of the lobbyist closet a few years back). And yes, my church was telling people to go vote for Huckabee this past Sunday, just like tons of others.

Plus ca change…