Can’t We Just…

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David Brody has posted an email being circulated by progressive faith leaders (whatever exactly that means). I challenge you to read to the end without nodding off.

Dear friends, fellow clergy and people of faith:
We are people of faith from all traditions and backgrounds, all genders and races and all regions across our great nation. We are Americans who look to God and the holy texts for our moral compass in our private decisions and civic duties. We are concerned about the direction the current Presidential race is taking, and we feel we must bring attention, as clergy and faith leaders, to our concern. How will we, as Americans, come together in this moment to overcome past and current divisions and move forward as one in the best interest of our nation?
That is why we call on all Americans to bring their highest and best selves to this moment in time – to focus on content and character, depth of ideas, and a tangible vision for our future. In this, we must demand that our political leaders, participants in the political process, and the news media bring us together instead of pushing us back toward divisions that have plagued our past. We cannot afford it, and we must not accept it.
Delegates to our national conventions should be bound by principle, beliefs and a shared commitment to the common good that we are all in this together. They are charged with using their judgment individually and collectively to determine who will be our next Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

Okay, you can wake up now.