To focus or not to focus…

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focus eyeball.jpgHow did Barack Obama’s speech on race affect how white people in upcoming Democratic primaries view him? It depends on which primary. Today’s Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll asked the following question of Democratic primary voters in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and North Carolina:

As you may know, Barack Obama made a speech on the subject of race in America after it became public that the pastor of his church, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, made some controversial remarks about America. Obama disavowed some of the Reverend’s remarks, but also said that voters should not focus on that issue as a reason to vote for him or not. Has Obama’s handling of this issue made you think more or less highly of him or has it not affected your opinion of him either way?

Among white respondents in PA it was 25 percent more highly, 17 percent less highly, and 56 percent no effect; in IN, 19-26-54; and in NC, 26-28-44. That’s good news for Obama in the Keystone State next Tuesday, and overall, a wash.