Name Their Religion

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Yes, this presidential campaign has been has been shot through with more religion than any campaign in history. Yes, we’ve been treated to Democratic as well as Republican aspirants cross-questioned on their faith. But yes, most Americans can’t match Clinton, and Obama, and McCain to a particular brand. According to a survey conducted for the AP and Yahoo this month by Knowledge Networks, the proportion of Americans correctly identifying each as Protestant is, respectively, 33 percent, 27 percent, and 26 percent. The percentages of those who say they don’t know, are 51-44-61. Fifteen percent think Obama is a Muslim. Eight percent think he is “some other religion.” Eight percent think Clinton is a Catholic and three percent think she has no religion.
I wish one of the options had been: “Don’t care.” Doesn’t the fact that most Americans haven’t, at this late date, troubled to find out the religion of the candidates they’re going to vote for suggest as much?