De papis nihil nisi bonum

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Tancredo on the border.jpgMea culpa, but I can help taking a little pleasure in Tom Tancredo’s violation of that cardinal rule of contemporary American politics, never to say anything bad about the pope, especially when he’s visiting our country. Aggravated by B16’s blatant pro-immigrantism, the congressional scourge of illegal immigration made so bold as to suggest that the Holy Father was simply trying to to gin up membership in his Church. This inspired Howard Dean to call on John McCain to denounce Tancredo’s remarks, inasmuch as Tanc, having abandoned his quixotic run for the GOP presidential nomination, grudgingly threw his support to that most immigrant-friendly of all this year’s GOP presidential contenders. Oyez, oyez!
Tancredo is one of those Pew-beloved folks raised Catholic who now belong to evangelical churches, and he has doubtless been long harboring ill will toward all those bishops in the Latino Catholic belt who have so vigorously opposed his Dobbsian ideas on the Brown Horde. And now the pope himself! Grrr!