PA by Religion

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Today’s McClatchy/MSNBC/Pittsburgh Post Gazette poll breaks down PA voters by religion and the big news on that front would be that Clinton clobbers Obama among Jews, 73 percent to 17 percent, if the number of Jewish voters reached (48) weren’t so low. If you aren’t in the neighborhood of n=100 for a given category, the results are not considered meaningful. Still, I’d be willing to bet that Clinton gets a very healthy majority of the Jewish vote come Tuesday. Otherwise, it’s Clinton with slightly more than a 2-1 margin among Catholics, Obama with slightly less than 2-1 margins among Protestants and the non-religious. (Protestants, of course, include most African Americans, 83 percent of whom support Obama). The poll’s portrait of PA’s Democratic voters shows the proportion of Catholics three percentage points smaller than the proportion of Protestants and non-religious combined (41 percent versus 44 percent). Looked at this way, it’s the non-Christians who will make the difference in the primary.
Hillary Clinton 48% 31% 63% 73% 32%
Barack Obama 43% 60% 30% 17% 60%
Other (NOT READ) ** 1% 1% 1% – 2%
Undecided (NOT READ) 8% 8% 7% 10% 6%
Christian-Protestant 193 (31%)
Christian-Catholic 252 (41%)
Jewish 48 (8%)
Other Non-Christian 31 (5%)
Non-Religious 81 (13%)
Refused 20 (3%)