Hagee v. NOLA


Prager.jpgWith John McCain touring New Orleans today, the liberal blogosphere is reviving his endorser John Hagee’s remarks blaming Katrina on a big gay pride parade that had been planned in the Crescent City. Hagee made the point in an interview with NPR’s Terry Gross back in September, but a lot more fun is Dennis Prager’s recent interview of Hagee, in which that pious purveyor of Jewish moralism does his level best to enable Hagee to disavow the position, and Hagee just sticks doggedly to it. There’s of course a certain effort here to make Hagee into McCain’s Jeremiah Wright. Close but no cigar: Hagee’s not McCain’s pastor. N’awlins is not America–just ask George Bush. And while Wright isn’t really anti-American, Hagee really is anti-Catholic.