Manifesto Destiny


manifesto.jpgThe AP has got hold of a draft of something called “An Evangelical Manifesto” (not to be confused with the National Association of Evangelicals’ “An Evangelical Manifesto”), calling on evangelical activists of the left as well as the right to love more, politick less, hew to the actual gospel message, and see the mote in their own eye–or words to that effect. Eighty signatories have apparently been lined up, but the only ones mentioned are Richard Mouw, president of Fuller Theological Seminary, and Os Guiness, the semi-well known evangelical author, speaker, and oddsbody. No big dogs on the right appear to have been asked. Is the inclusion of a critique of the “left” meant to take a swipe at Jim Wallis? The spokesman for the effort is A. Larry Ross, a faith-based P.R. guy from Dallas. This would seem to be one of those well meaning, carefully calibrated expressions of concern destined to be forgotten almost as soon as it is rolled out–which apparently will be next Wednesday.