McCain’s RCs

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Huffington Post’s Sam Stein picks over John McCain’s National Catholic Steering Committee and finds a few dubious characters–or at least ones with checkered pasts (e.g. Deal Hudson). The important point is made by Chris Korzen of Catholics United, to the effect that these are the “usual suspects” you find on the GOP side. Of course, there are usual Catholic suspects on the Democratic side as well. When either side says, as Korzen does, that the folks on the other side “have a history of putting partisan politics ahead of the teachings of their faith,” we’re into a pretty familiar civil war. Korzen thinks McCain’s Catholics should be challenging their guy on war and torture. McCain’s Catholics think Obama’s and Clinton’s Catholics should be challenging their guy on abortion and gay marriage. The great thing about Catholicism in America is that the teachings of the faith always put it at some cross purposes with partisan politics.