Left Behind

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Rapture suit.jpgYesterday’s Robert Novak column floats the idea that Mike Huckabee is playing a double game, publicly supporting John McCain’s candidacy while secretly encouraging his hard core evangelical backers to withhold the hem of their garment. The idea is to acquiesce in an Obama presidency as divine punishment on a sinful people–whose sin, presumably, will be sufficiently expiated by 2012 that Huckabee can be elected president.
There’s so much spinning and woofing in this classic Novakian exercise that it’s hard to tell the real from the fantastical. It is not unlikely that some Huckabites imagine themselves laying back in the weeds (homeschooling their kids and subsisting on nuts and berries) during the Obama Tribulation until the arrival of Messiah Mike. The question is: Who will be raptured away before the election?