…Sage, Rosemary, and Hate

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Parsley McCain.jpgABC is on the case about Rod Parsley, the Columbus pastor into whose warm endorsing embrace John McCain has been happy to fling himself. Nothing said by Jeremiah Wright or John Hagee comes close to mattering as much to a presidential candidate as Parsley’s straight-up denunciation of Islam. No “militant Islam” or “extremist Islam” for him. It’s just Islam, neat. The mere rejection of Parsley’s statements by a McCain campaign spokesman does not come close to what McCain needs to do to separate himself from Parsley. McCain has now gotten around to rejecting Hagee’s endorsement. For him not to do the same with Parsely posthaste would show an astonishing incomprehension of the magnitude of being identified with the holder of such views. Danish cartoons, anyone? Regensburg?