Lieberman Hearts Hagee

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Lieberman McCain.jpgMax Blumenthal, who has been on the Hagee beat for a long time (in not a positive way), goes after Joe Lieberman for continuing to support Pastor John in the wake of the Great McCain Separation. Lieberman, of course, has endorsed McCain’s presidential bid with a fervor rarely displayed by one senator for another, much less by one whose career has been spent in the other party. (Zell Miller’s 2004 embrace of George W. Bush does come close, however.)
Anyway, it seems that Lieberman, far from joining McCain in distancing himself from Hagee, has chosen to be a headliner at his Christians United for Israel annual “summit” in Washington July 22. The new anti-Aipac lobby, J Street, is soliciting signatures on a petition calling on Lieberman to cut his ties to Hagee. Not bloody likely. How much of a headache this will create for McCain will be interesting to see, but I suspect not much. Hagee will, however, find less smooth sailing than he’s enjoyed heretofore in the Jewish world.