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Scream.jpgTomorrow at 5:30 Eastern Daylight Savings Time I’ll be talking about the campaign on a radio show called The Blog Bunker, which airs daily on Sirius Radio’s Indie Talk Channel 110. The Blog Bunker bills itself as a “cutting-edge roundtable featuring a selection of the over 100 million bloggers around the globe,” which makes me think we’ve pretty much won the lottery, no matter how many people listen in, which I have no idea how many do.
Of course, there aren’t, so far as I know, even 100 thousand people blogging on religion and the 2008 campaign, though it sometimes seems that way. Apart from the many, many political blogs that have seen fit to comment on the various religious issues that have reared their heads during this election cycle, church-state guru Melissa Rogers lists 100 blogs about religion and public affairs on her own blog on religion and public affairs. Understanding that narcissism is its own reward, it does make you wonder whether you’re adding any value to the world. Say we are, O Blog Bunker!