Puerto Rican Protestants, dissed


Let me call your attention to the comments posted to my previous entry by my colleague Juhem Navarro. Juhem taxes the exit pollsters with assuming that Puerto Ricans are more or less all Catholics–a fair charge, since why else suppress the usual primary poll questions on religious affiliation? He points out that, according to the 2001 World Values Survey, only about two-thirds of religious adherents in Puerto Rico are Catholic (as opposed to, for example, 78 percent in Rhode Island and 71 percent in Massachusetts). Juhem’s jdugment is that most of the others (‘Protestants” and “Others”) are Pentecostals and neo-Pentecostals. These folks, who tend to favor the pro-statehood party, probably went more heavily for Clinton than other Puerto Ricans, given that (according to the poll) she won a disproportionately large share of the pro-statehood vote. So by this logic Obama would have done a bit better among Puerto Rican Catholics than Protestants. For what it’s worth.