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Thus pronounceth David Brody:

Look, McCain, Obama and Clinton aren’t going to pay attention to an online petition. That’s not the point here. There is a larger issue to consider. Evangelicals, for the most part, are lukewarm on McCain. They may vote for him…they may not but one thing is for sure; they’re not energized at all. So that’s why this VP pick is SO important for McCain. A center-right moderate will be disastrous for McCain with Evangelicals and social conservatives. Many Evangelicals are waiting to see who McCain picks as his VP. A solid social conservative who has fought for their causes would be a winner. If he’s a professed, Bible believing Christian, well, that’s the daily double.

So if it’s Friend of Evangelicals but Roman Catholic Bobby Jindal, no D.D.?jindal_3112_430xx.jpg