HuckPac Defection


I’m posting this interesting piece of correspondence from Premil Cindy so it doesn’t get missed.

A few observations: the FairTax was a fairly close second in poll #1; the questions were framed in terms of “grassroots” issues; and perhaps most importantly, since this is a poll for HuckPac, as opposed to Mike Huckabee for President, though HuckPac does have as part of its mission supporting McCain, it seems to be primarily focused on supporting other GOP candidates that don’t have “commander-in-chief” duties, which in combination of use of the “grassroots” word in the question could account for the low showing for fighting terrorism. Oh, and finally, many of us former Huckabee supporters do not support HuckPac (because we don’t support McCain) and so have actually asked to be removed from the email mailing list that notifies us of these polls, and so with those defections that skews results. (I stayed on the mailing list only for purposes of staying informed, and told HuckPac I could not support them at this time b/c of their support for McCain.)

I guess my question is: How many defectors?