No Greens Need Apply

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HuckPAC.jpgHuckPac announces what it will do with the results of its two online polls, to wit: “take the top four issues (two from each poll” and ask each of the candidates who Huck PAC is supporting to blog about the issues on our website.” The issues are: Sanctity of Life, Second Amendment, Education, Health Care, Fighting Terrorism, Protecting Marriage in States, Fair Tax, Border Security, Controlling Spending, Energy Reform.
There is, you’ll notice, no mention of the single issue that has been most cited as reflecting a broadened policy agenda among evangelicals: the environment/climate change. Nor of other such broadening issues as worldwide AIDS, Third World Debt, or Darfur. And it’s “border security,” not “immigration reform.” In other words, if Huck’s evangelical base is concerned about any, ah, non-traditional GOP issues, Huck PAC doesn’t want to know about it. I’m afraid ol’ Huck has been beaten into submission, whether by his own ambition or other forces I wouldn’t presume to say.