The Dark Side

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Christian Identity.jpgEli Saslow’s WaPo piece on the bump Obama’s rise has given to white supremacist groups and websites is worth a read and a ponder. Naturally this is not anything for the non-white supremacists among us to feel happy about, but compared to underground anti-Catholicism in 1960 it doesn’t seem to amount to very much. Nowadays, of course, cyberspace declares for all to see the enormity of every prejudice, and one can indulge one’s paranoia no end. So if you must, check out this site to listen in to the conversations ongoing in Aryanland. For our little bailiwick, the threads that unspool under “Theology” show what’s on offer in the realm of faith–“traditional” Christian, Christian Identity, pagan/Indo-European, and atheist/agnostic. It’s the religious pluralism, or spiritual multiculturalism of the dark side. Even the supremacists are not immune.