CT Catholics

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Kerry-Obama.jpgThe latest Quinnipiac Poll shows Obama ahead of McCain 56-35. (In 2004, Kerry beat Bush 54-44 in the Nutmeg State.) Among Catholics, Obama leads 47-44. In 2004, Kerry lost the CT Catholic vote to Bush 47-53. In this year’s Democratic primary, Obama lost the CT Catholic vote to Clinton 39-59. What this suggests is that all that chatter about Obama being in trouble with Northeast Catholics was not worth a fig. In Connecticut, Catholics preferred Clinton, but are showing no inclination to move to McCain in the general. They like Obama more than they liked their co-religionist Kerry. Got it?
Update: Ditto Hispanics, nationwide, churchgoing and otherwise. Totals: Obama 59, McCain 29. (Latinos 2004: Kerry 53, Bush 44)