Religion in the News!


RIN-Obama.jpgThe latest issue of Religion in the News is now up on our website. Just click on the cover with Obama on it. Yes, it’s an Obamarama issue, and just as we had sympathetic pieces on those religiously distinctive presidential aspirants Huckabee and Romney, so two articles out of Chicago smile on the Illinois senator and his spiritual connections.
Just in time for July 4, there’s Steve Warner’s analysis of Obama’s potential for reviving the American civil religion. In a related vein, there’s Dwight Hopkins’ portrait of Jeremiah Wright and Trinity UCC. Along the way, Ron Kiener does a number on Obama and the Jews and Marc Stern sets the record straight on IRS investigations of politicking in religious institutions.
The issue also features my take on the pope’s visit, Andrew Walsh’s account of WaPo’s stylification of religion coverage, and explorations of Christian websites, Turkish head scarves, and Dr. House. Enjoy!