Better Course of Valor


Gen Josh.jpgBesides the lawsuit, did the Obama really want its faith-based youth army to be marching under nearly the same banner as the Home-schooled Children’s Crusade? Not bloody likely. So the Joshua Generation is searching for a new name. “Obamolescents” seems like something the Catholic Church would just as soon forget. “The Young and the Faithful”? Nah. “Spiritual But Not Republican”? I don’t think so. Well, we’ll see what they come up with.
Nehemiah.jpgUpdate: After a postprandial promenade, my nominee is “Nehemiah’s Children.” Nehemiah, you’ll recall, returns to the Promised Land from Babylon (i.e. Iraq) to find Jerusalem in a sad state of disrepair. He sets about restoring the city in record time, then governs well and wisely for 13 years. He seems to have been a eunuch, and thus had no children of his own. So the summons would be for young followers of Obama to volunteer to be Nehemiah’s Children. (N.B. “Children of Nehemiah” would quickly be seized upon acronymically by the other side as “CON” to indicate what Obama’s appeal to religious voters amounts to.) Are you with me?