Dobson Keeps It Up

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peaceable kingdom.jpgJames Dobson has evidently decided, at least for the moment, to assume the mantle of the prophet, for the purpose of warning evangelicals against the Seductions of Obama. Having become apprised of the Matthew 25 Network’s ad defending Obama against his criticism on his own Christian radio home turf, Dobson prefaced Monday’s broadcast with a riposte laying out Obama’s sins as a supporter of abortion rights. Brody, who’s got a press release response from the Network (doesn’t it have its own website?), concludes his post with the (Rodney) Kingian wish that we could just get along. But of course, if Dobsonian lions lie down with the Obamian lambs, it’s curtains for the GOP. Unsurprisingly, Dobson fails to respond to the criticism he got for his earlier remarks, which were widely regarded, including in this blog, as a fundamental misapprehension of what Obama was saying. Also unsurprisingly, Dobson does not mention the jamesdobsondoesntspeakforme petition, which has accumulated 12,000 signatures.