Two Ring Circus

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Israeli Flagwrap.jpgTomorrow will be Double Down on Israel day. Barack Obama will fly in from Amman to meet with scandal-ridden Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and otherwise show that he’s down with the Jewish State. Meanwhile, back in Washington, McCain Surrogate-in-Chief Joe Lieberman is slated to keynote the annual Night to Honor Israel banquet of Pastor John Hagee’s organization, Christians United for Israel. McCain, you will recall, disavowed, foreswore and otherwise trashed Hagee’s endorsement, after exposure of the pastor’s eschatological musings on the Holocaust. But Lieberman, who at last year’s banquet compared Hagee to Moses, has not come close to following suit, thereby providing an opening for J Street to collect signatures on a “Don’t Go, Joe” petition. The petition will be presented to Lieberman at his Washington office shortly. He’ll go.
Update: It now seems that Obama will be arriving in Israel Wednesday, a few hours after Lieberman’s keynoter.