Third candidates

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nobama.jpgNot that this has anything to do with religion, but I couldn’t help being struck a few days ago by the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showing that whereas Obama led McCain 47-41 in a head-to-head, when Ralph Nader (5) and Bob Barr (2) were added in, Obama went up one point and McCain went down six. In other words, Nader’s votes unexpectedly all came out of McCain’s hide. An anomaly, I figured. Now comes a new Fox poll showing Obama leading McCain 41-40 head-to-head, but 40-37 when Nader (2) and Barr (0) are added–again suggesting that the Nader votes come mostly from McCain. I suppose the conclusion is that Obama’s support is significantly solider than McCain’s, which includes people who don’t like the Arizonan so much as are looking for anyone but Obama.