What about J.C.?


Catching up a little but on the week’s news, I note that Brody’s hawked his Lieberman interview in a series of posts. In one, Connecticut’s junior senator, in the course of defending his “dear friend” Pastor Hagee’s Holocaust remarks (and I’m not going to criticize the defense), rather astonishingly declares:

I don’t agree with everything that John Hagee has ever said or done. I can safely say that Pastor Hagee doesn’t agree with everything I’ve said or done. But we agree on some big things. We agree on our basic religious beliefs. We believe in the God of the Bible. We believe the Bible is the inspired truth from God and all that comes with it, the God of creation, the God of revelation, the god of redemption and salvation.

Um, Joe, what about Jesus? Wouldn’t his status as Messiah be considered a pretty basic religious belief for a guy like Hagee? And not for you?