McCain’s Privacy


Brody has interrupted his vacation to share the news flash that the McCain campaign is distributing a letter on his faith to “conservative grassroots groups” around the country. The letter consists of excerpts from his book, Faith of My Fathers. So what’s the news? Other than the fact that the McCain campaign is revealed as feeling the need to be in touch with conservative religious folks on the subject of McCain’s religion, I guess it’s the introductory sentence:

Many of you have asked about John McCain’s faith. John McCain is a strong Christian, but he believes that, in the context of the campaign, his faith is a personal issue.

That message, seemingly, is that he’s not going to talk about his faith. But isn’t there that little essay in the current Time, which actually does say something interesting about his faith? And what about those questions Rick Warren is likely to pose to him next week? Maybe what he’s saying is that he’s not going to get down to specifics–like, whether he believes in the Resurrection. But that is sort of covered in the excerpts. So he’ll stand on his written word and keep his mouth shut? Whatever.