Georgia the Christian


Georgian Christianity.jpgAs you may not have noticed, in making his pitch today that “we are all Georgians,” John McCain called the invaded Caucasian state “one of the first nations on earth to convert to Christianity…it’s been part of the grand sweep that compromises Western civilization.” Well, I suppose that’s one way to look at Christianity. But seriously, as long as we’re choosing allies based on their priority in embracing Jesus, can I put in a good word for Armenia, the very first nation to adopt Christianity as its official religion? On the other hand, the Armenian Apostolic Church is mired in monophysitism–you know, it’s non-Chalcedonian, which means those folks didn’t join in the condemnation of those who rejected Christ’s two natures. So to hell with them. While the Georgians are good old autocephalous Orthodox Christians, or at least since departing from the patriarchate of Antioch they’ve always wanted to be autocephalous, but the Russian Orthodox Church has in modern times kept butting in, although the Georgians were recognized as such by the Patriarch of Constantinople after the end of the Russian Empire, ah Soviet Union, in 1990. So maybe McCain thinks we need to speak up on behalf of Georgian autocephaly. Or maybe, in the grand sweep of things, we’re too compromised to do that. I dunno.