Warren kicks some religious right butt


RickWarren.jpgBrody has it:

The most surprising thing to me is that some leaders that I think are spiritually mature leaders value political loyalty over family loyalty. We are members of the body of Christ. Christ shed his blood for us. We’re going to live in Heaven together. And yet if you don’t hold the party line, all of a sudden for these people politics trumps faith.

Take that, Jim Dobson. And also, Mike Huckabee. As both presumptive presidential candidates prepare for their encounter with the Lord of Saddleback, the real drama has to do with the future of evangelical politics in America. Here’s the kicker on Rachel Zoll’s AP setup piece:

“I think Rick is in an unenviable position in that he stands to get attacked from the right and the left, based on what direction he takes,” said Mark DeMoss, an evangelical public relations specialist who had supported former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in the GOP primary. “As an evangelical, I am much more interested in his list of questions than in either of their answers.”

Actually, I think there are quite a few folks out there envying Warren; but DeMoss, who once worked for Jerry Falwell, knows what the stakes are.