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Lemonade.jpgWell, my little Jonah Scenario is sort of playing out, as the Ninevites–ah, Republicans–dial back on the partying and their leader kneels down in NOLA muck and calls–to be sure, in a not quite unselfserving way–for a moratorium on partisanship. You’ve got to figure, though, that as the GOP struggles to make lemonade out of this big lemon, there are wise guys in Washington, to say nothing of Baton Rouge, grinding their teeth that John McCain had not let his fickle veepstakes finger alight on Bobby Jindal–the Hindu-Catholic Rhodes Scholar governor of Louisiana. Think of the introduction to the American people that would have made possible–the photo-ops of this fair-haired scion of Republican theo-conservatism consulting with all and sundry federal officials, doing everything that his predecessor, the Democrat Blanco, had failed to do. The best Gustav talking point for Gov. Palin that I can think of is that Alaska, too, is a place of severe weather conditions. Knock yourself out, GOP.