The Faith of Palin

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Max Blumenthal, scourge of the religious right, has come up with a Wasilla Assembly of God video of a Kenyan pastor, Thomas Murthee, laying hands on Sarah Palin prior to her gubernatorial run in 2005, praying that God make a way for her in politics on a number of fronts, including by protecting her from “every from of witchcraft” (which perhaps is more common in Kenya than in metro Anchorage, but who knows?). Blumenthal says he managed to videotape an appearance of Murthee at the church a few days ago, and promises a posting of it shortly. Meanwhile, Kos and Olbermann picked up on the old recording yesterday, and so it looks as though we’re due for another round of speculation about the Faith of Palin.
Will Palin permit herself to be engaged in a discussion about her religious beliefs before the election? Such that someone could ask her, for example, whether she shares Pastor Murthee’s wish that America’s schools be filled with “tongue-talking, devil-casting” children rather than little followers of Buddha or Muhammad? Or why she (sort of) left the Wasilla Assembly of God after nearly 40 years? Or just what her views of the role of religion in public life are? I’m not holding my breath.