Update on the Jewish Vote

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The American Jewish Committee’s annual survey of Jewish opinion, taken Sept. 8-21, has Obama up over McCain 57 percent to 30 percent. Apportioning the undecideds, that’s 65-35–higher than I’m predicting but not by a lot. The survey period includes McCain’s current high water mark; he’d be doing a few points worse if the entire survey were taken in the past few days. As expected, Jewish voters turn out to heartily approve Obama’s choice of Joe Biden (73-15), and disapprove of John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin (54-37). Palin’s numbers seem unlikely to get any better; I’d guess worse. The Orthodox love McCain, supporting him at a 78 percent clip; but they constitute only eight percent of the community. Just a bit more than a quarter of the others support him. Jewish question of the day: Will Sarah Silverman move the needle?