Veep Debate Live Blog

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St. Louis Arch.jpg9:05. Hear that, soccer moms?
9:10. And hockey moms?
9:14. Is it good to say you won’t answer the questions?
9:26. Splitting Palin and McCain on windfall profits tax…not bad.
9:27. Palin’s really really against greed. And bad guys rearing their heads.
9:30. Climate change is real, she says. Doesn’t want to argue about the causes, but emphasizes cleaning up the planet. Conservation. Whatever.
9:36. Biden absolutely supports same-sex benefits as they do in Alaska. Does Palin support what her own state does? Not clear. She doesn’t want to export Alaska’s rules to the rest of the country. She’s very very tolerant though.
9:38. They agree on gay equal rights for gays, and gay marriage! I guess.
9:42. A white flag of surrender!
9:47. Israel invoked. Back to preconditions to talk.
9:49. Women’s rights!
9:50. A McCain-Palin administration! Cool!
9:54. We both love Israel!
9:56. Nuclear weapons would be the be-all and end-all!
10:06. John McCain knows what evil is.
10:09. I will drill, baby, drill in ANWR if, heaven forbid, the old guy kicks off.
10:11. Palin recycles Reagan. There she goes again.
10:16. She seems to take the Cheney line on the vice presidency–a lot of flexibility in there.
10:17. Biden not so much.
10:18. It’s about my experience as an ordinary person. Oy, the city on a hill is back. A perfect idyll, or is that ideal?
10:20. John McCain “is the man we need to leave.” Whoops.
10:29. She’s happy to be here without the filter of the MSM.
10:32. B: May God bless all of you…and may God protect our troops.