Nutmeggers Support Gay Marriage

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nutmegs.jpegCT Gov. Jodi Rell can relax. Here in the Land of Steady Habits, the populace supports its Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage. Rell thought we didn’t, but we do. Maybe she was just thinking of her fellow Republicans, who don’t. But they’re more or less a dying breed in this state. Everyone else does–Democrats by 3-1, Independents by 52-44–just a little less than than the overall 53-42 margin. All this courtesy of a weekend poll by UConn’s Center for Survey Research and Analysis.
It’s worth noting that the survey results mirror last week’s 4-3 ruling, suggesting that, like other American appellate courts in other times and places, the Connecticut Supreme Court is better attuned to public opinion than critics of Legislating From The Bench tend to claim. As for the presidential campaigns, the rest of the country, whatever is (as the Hartford Courant now says) Beyond CT, the news seems to have hit with all the force of a zephyr on a summer’s day. Nice.