Results! The Jews

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Keeping in mind the several caveats noted yesterday, the overall conclusion to draw from yesterday’s voting by religion is that the more things change, the more they stay pretty much the same.
Let’s start with the first of the Abrahamic faiths–the Jews. In 2004, they bumped a bit toward George W. Bush, up from 79-19 for Gore in 2000 to 76-24 for Kerry. This time around, despite expectations that they would provide John McCain with the biggest Jewish vote for a Republican since Ronald Reagan, they reverted to type, voting for Barack Obama 78-21. Credit Sarah, Palin not Silverman, and the economy for that. I figured the margin would be smaller, 70-29. But for all the vile emails, the huffing and puffing of the neocons, the efforts at guilt by association, the Liebermanic campaigning, it was business as usual. Jewish Republicans seemed destined to be the Cubs fans of American religion–always hopeful, always disappointed.
Update: I’m trying to figure out how all Jews could break 78-21 for Obama, but white Jews break 83-17 for him. What kind of non-white Jews would be less likely to give Obama their votes? Any ideas?