Prepare ye the way


wilderness.jpegFrom the Jewish Week‘s election wrap-up:

“Neo-cons will be under a huge amount of pressure in the Republican party now,” said law professor and GOP activist [Marshall] Breger, who predicted a major battle between GOP factions over the future of the party.
With their focus on a muscular and interventionist U.S. foreign policy and hawkish support for Israel, neoconservative factions will face off against more traditional conservatives who want to return the party to its small-government, non-interventionist past, he said.
The religious right faction, possibly rallying around Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, also will seek dominance in the wake of the vote.
“It will be a bloodletting,” Breger said.

Something tells me that it won’t be the traditional conservatives whose blood is let. And I suspect that, after licking their wounds, some of the more moderate and less partisan of the neocons will, like their foremost elective official, Joe the Senator, attempt to attach themselves to the Obama caravan. But if Joe’s cut loose, they may end up as a plaintive and isolated chorus: voces clamantium in deserto.