Obama in Evangelicaland

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Amy Sullivan’s got a good account of Obama and the evangelical vote that gives the campaign a smack or two for not getting its outreach act together sooner. Pastordan is not persuaded that more or better outreach was in order, and given the outcome, it’s hard to argue too much with that. My sense is that the Obamaites could have had a bigger impact on evangelicals (and white Catholics) without a much greater expenditure of resources. But the might-have-beens are hard to figure. What’s certain is that in places like Georgia, where indigenous evangelical political networks are well established, it was possible to turn them out for McCain. And I’ve no doubt they’ll be turned out as well for Saxby Chambliss in his senatorial runoff. Mike Huckabee, who nudged out John McCain to capture the primary, will be there campaigning among the churchfolk on Sunday.