The Coverage


In its just released overview of news coverage of religion in the campaign, Pew ranks “Palin Family/Personal Issues” as the biggest religion story of the campaign after Obama’s alleged Muslim identity, consuming fully 25 percent of religion-related campaign coverage. In late September, a Pew report noted “the relative lack of attention to Palin’s religious biography within the mainstream media,” and nothing happened afterward to require altering that assessment. For those disposed to assail the MSM for inattention to religion, this is a pretty good case in point. Not that it was an easy story to get. I’m convinced that Palin, aided and abetted by her handlers, engaged in a conscious occultation of her religious beliefs and commitments. But journalists often dig out things public figures try to hide. The most charitable view I can summon is that in this case they began to feel that the truth might be sufficiently disturbing as to suggest that Palin ought not occupy the second highest office in the land. But doesn’t the Constitution forbid religious tests for office? So let’s not go there, and hope we never have to deal with the possibility. In the end, they didn’t.