Mormon-Evangelical Entente?

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Evangelical-Mormon.jpegPeggy Stack has, as usual, the best take on matters Mormon, this time (notwithstanding comments from me) concerning the fallout from Prop. 8. A possible silver lining for the LDS Church is enhanced street cred with evangelicals, as in the following quote from the Rev. Jim Garlow, one of its pro-Prop. 8 partners in California:

Last week, Garlow, of Skyline Church in San Diego, was so outraged by the protests against Mormons that he e-mailed 7,200 California pastors urging them to “speak boldly” in defense of the LDS role in passing Proposition 8.
“We were not going to stand by and be silent while there was anti-Mormonism in the streets,” Garlow said Friday. “Our theological differences with Mormonism are, frankly, unbridgeable, but these are our friends and neighbors and attacks on them are unacceptable.”
The Proposition 8 campaign deepened his relationship with Mormons, he said, and the protests have solidified it.

Take note, Mitt.
Update: The upside and downside for Romney.