Dialogue on Divorce

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Over at Religion in American History a few days a ago, Matt Sutton was inspired by the Newsweek brouhaha to put up a post calling out evangelicals for taking the hard line on gay marriage while being pretty squishy (these days) on divorce. Matt’s point is that if evangelicals are going to to nix the former on biblical grounds, they had better do the same with the latter. (Jesus and Paul turn thumbs down on divorce except in a couple of specific cases.) The post has elicited a lively exchange, thanks to a defense of current evangelical marriage hermeneutics and politics by an anonymous commenter. What’s comes through is 1) how insubstantial the moral argument against divorce is; and 2) how much the argument against same-sex marriage rests on its implicit sanctioning of proscribed sexual acts. Anyway, the exchange is worth checking out.